Dish Network on Wednesday said it had broadened the availability of its remote-viewing application to Promotional Inc.’s Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

The app, called Dish Anywhere, was previously only available on devices running Google Inc.’s Android and Apple Inc.’s iOS. It allows Dish subscribers to view live programming, digital recordings and on-demand titles on their smartphones and tablets.

The move comes days after Dish…


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Wednesday marks the trading deadline for the 2013-14 season, a day that has changed the destiny for many NHL teams over the years. It kick-started the 1980s New York Islanders dynasty, landed the Pittsburgh Penguins the final pieces they needed in the early 1990s, and got teams like Tampa Bay, St. Louis and Vancouver their franchise players. Which deal was the greatest of them all?

Though I normally use analytics to answer questions like these, this time it’s based on pure personal opinion. Short-term successes down the stretch and into the Stanley Cup playoffs were weighed against those deals that involved players who provided modest but more sustained success. In each case the trade-day motivation is explained, along with the ultimate end result of each deal.

This was no easy task. There have been a lot of great deadline deals, and it is hard to choose 10. For example, New Jersey’s famous deals in 2000 (Aleander Mogilny), 2002 (Jamie Langenbrunner and Joe Nieuwendyk) and even 2003 (Grant Marshall and Richard Smehlik) were especially hard to leave out.

In the end these trades were not always the biggest, nor always the most one-sided, but they were the Super Sale, and each one has a great story. Let’s begin.

All advanced statistics are via writer’s own original research unless otherwise noted.

Deal: Get 50% Off TYLT Accessories With This Coupon Code (Updated)

: TYLT reached out to us to say that they are NOT currently running a 50% off Coupon. In other words, the code we originally posted shouldn’t be working. And don’t bug their customer service trying to get it to.

On Cyber Monday, we tipped you to a deal through accessory manufacturer TYLT that would save you 50% off of purchases of their high-end accessories. We basically crashed their site, which caused some of you to not be able to take advantage of the deal. Thankfully today, TYLT is running another 50% off promo by using coupon code “50TYLT-T4102711&; during checkout. It appears to be 50% off of your entire order as well, so feel free to gobble up brightly colored accessories.

Not familiar with TYLT? They are mostly known for the TYLT VU wireless charger, but I’ve also used their portable battery packs and USB cables. All of it comes off very well-made, in a variety of bright colors, and is a solution for anything from car charging to audio splitting to case protection.

Cheers Scott!

Amazon tempts the anti-Amazons with offer to showcase their goods

Best Inc. is in talks to bring listings for J. Crew khakis, Ralph Lauren polo shirts and Lord & Taylor suits to its site, according to people familiar with the talks.

The discussions, which seek to win over retailers that have largely shunned the online marketplace, involve about 10 well-known retailers, these people said, including Abercrombie & Fitch Co. and Neiman Marcus Group Inc.

Amazon wouldn’t sell the goods directly; the listings would be links to the retailers’ own sites. The arrangement would generate traffic for the retailers, while providing Amazon with more customer data and a new enticement for its Prime shipping program as it plans to raise rates.

For the retailers, an accord would represent something of a deal with the devil. Amazon, with data on nearly 240 million customers and a willingness to lose money on new initiatives, is widely feared as a competitor, even among merchants that sell goods on the site.

"Most retailers consider Amazon a friend and competitor," said Bruce Cohen, a senior partner at the retail and management consultancy Kurt Salmon. "One of the challenges with Amazon has been that they control the product placement on their site, the look, the photos-and it’s hard for many retailers to hand over that control."

The initiative could launch as soon as this summer, the people familiar with the matter said. Under one scenario it has discussed, Amazon would offer the goods with free shipping to its Prime customers, who pay $79 a year for membership, though the retailers would be responsible for arranging and paying for the deliveries, these people said.

Amazon declined to comment.

Amazon’s plan is similar to the business model of rival ShopRunner Inc., which also offers a $79 unlimited shipping program that includes several dozen retailers, including Toys ‘R’ Us and Timberland, that handle their own package delivery.

As described by the people familiar with the talks, Amazon would extend an existing program that has primarily attracted smaller retailers. The retailers pay Amazon fees for directing traffic to their websites and for any resulting transactions. These merchants process the customers’ credit cards, while Amazon gains more data about the shopping habits of existing customers.

For Amazon, the proposed arrangement would help fill voids in its offerings and bolster its Prime program as it prepares a $20 to $40 increase in the annual fee for U.S. customers.

Analysts estimate Amazon has more than 20 million Prime customers, mostly in the U.S. The program helped boost Amazon’s sales 22% last year to $74.5 billion.

A deal with Amazon could help some brick-and-mortar retailers increase online sales, which continue to be less than 10% of the total retail pie. But it would also carry risks.

Retailers are wary of how Amazon will use the customer data it collects, according to the people familiar with the talks. The company has angered some sellers on its site who believe the Seattle company uses its marketplace as a laboratory to test pricing strategies and spot new products to sell, in competition with them.

As well, these retailers worry that their products could lose some cachet in Amazon’s vast sea of merchandise, the people said.

It isn’t clear whether any retailers have yet signed on to the program, though some of the people said Amazon is preparing software that it could make available to merchants within the next month.

Amazon has suggested to some retailers, these people said, that they could eventually pay to use Amazon’s warehouses and logistics network to ship packages to customers, a program known as Fulfillment by Amazon. That’s a popular service among third-party sellers on Amazon who don’t want to pay to house their own merchandise or manage delivery headaches.

Amazon’s marketplace of millions of sellers has become an increasingly important driver of revenue and profit, particularly as the company widens its offerings into tablet computers, video-game programming, television-show production and a host of other initiatives. Some analysts estimate such third-party sales now account for more than half of Amazon’s revenue for products sold.

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Free Luden’s Cough Drops at Harris Teeter Super Doubles Week is your source for free news and information in the Wilmington area.

Now is a good time to stock your medicine cabinet with cough drops using a special sale at Harris Teeter and matching coupon.

Luden’s Cough Drops, 20-30 count, are on sale for $1.00 per bag at Harris Teeter this week. In addition, here is a free On Sales coupon for $1.00 off two bags of Luden’s products (the coupon was also in the January 5th Smart Source).

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Super Double Coupons Week at Harris Teeter lasts all week, through Tuesday night, February 25. Click here to see a long list of other freebies and great deals that can be had during this special week at Harris Teeter!

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TA Plays Live: ‘The Wolf Among Us’ Episode 1 and More

Coupon Codep>With the second installment of The Wolf Among Us [$4.99] right around the corner, it only seemed to make sense that today we stream the first episode. You could see this as being sort of spoilery, but Telltale games have a surprising amount of replay value. I think I’m on The Walking Dead [ Free] trip number four and I’m still stumbling across new stuff. So, pop in if you want, otherwise come hang out tomorrow for the New Zealand games stream.

Anyway, if you haven’t yet, please follow us as it’s the best way to get notified when we’re streaming.

To tune into the TA Plays Live stream you’ve got three options:

  • The easiest is to just scroll down to see the embedded video stream and chat below. Make sure to turn the volume slider up if you want to hear game audio and commentary.
  • Visit the TouchArcade channel on Twitch directly and watch over there.
  • Download the Twitch.TV app [Free] and either hit this link on your device or simply search for the channel TouchArcade.

I usually stream until around 7:00 Eastern, at which point I toss the videos up on YouTube for everyone to see that missed the stream. I’m not sure how long the first episode of the game is going to run, so we’ll do normal requests afterwards if there’s time.

Eric Schmidt confident of US approval to Lenovo-Motorola deal

Google Inc Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has expressed confidence that Lenovo Inc would gain approval from US regulators to buy Google’s Motorola smart-phone hardware business, in what would be China’s biggest technology acquisition to date.

Lenovo said last week it would acquire the Motorola handset business, along with some 2,000 patents, for $2.91 billion. That came days after an announcement the company would purchase IBM’s low-end server unit for $2.3 billion.

The deals will be reviewed by Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to ensure they do not threaten national security.

Schmidt said he saw “a good chance” of the Deal Today passing muster with CFIUS, which monitors acquisitions by overseas corporations.

Speaking at a dinner organised by the Cato Institute think tank, Schmidt said Lenovo’s experience buying IBM’s ailing personal computer division in 2005 would stand it in good stead as it seeks the green light to acquire the Motorola business.

"There’s a good chance of it being OK," Schmidt said, adding, "We would not have done the transaction if we thought it would be in trouble."


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Florida to launch discount health insurance exchange

Since 2008, Florida has been promising its residents a state-run health insurance exchange. Republican lawmakers continued to champion the much-delayed program even as they opposed Obamacare and refused to expand Medicaid to help the working poor.

Now, officials say they are at last ready to launch Florida Health Choices and hope to reach people who can’t afford insurance on the federal exchange, or just don’t like the president’s plan.

But don’t expect full-coverage insurance policies - think more along the lines of pharmacy Deal Now cards and limited dental plans.

Leaders of the effort won’t even say exactly when they’re opening for business, other than to say they’re “just days away.” The web address is - but it isn’t yet functioning.

Blame at least some of the vagueness on jitters over the prospect of yet another botched government website after the Obamacare and Florida unemployment site rollouts.

"[We are] taking it slow and not reaching out too aggressively until we know everybody’s on and everything is working well," said chief executive officer Rose Naff, a veteran of the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation.

Her target audience includes roughly 800,000 people caught in the coverage gap because they make too much to qualify for Florida’s bare bones Medicaid plan, but too little to qualify for subsidies to purchase insurance on the federal marketplace. Other customers could be people opposed to the Affordable Care Act or those who miss the spring enrollment deadline and find themselves shopping for other options later in the year.

But the offerings on Florida Health Choices won’t be comprehensive enough to meet federal standards. Major insurers like Humana and Florida Blue are not signed on to Florida Health Choices for now.

And if you are required to have insurance under the federal law, these products won’t save you from a possible federal fine.

To start off, Florida Health Choices will offer eight discount plans from two companies - Careington International Corp., based near Dallas, and Coverdell and Co. of Chicago - that cover services on an a la carte basis like prescription drugs, dental care and Lasik eye surgery. Depending on the number of benefits covered, these plans cost between $6 and $25 a month. That’s a fraction of what comprehensive insurance costs, and the quality reflects that difference, noted Greg Mellowe, policy director at Florida CHAIN, a consumer advocacy organization.

"These products do not provide comprehensive coverage in any way, shape or form - in many cases, they aren’t coverage at all," he said via email. "At best, they’ll look something like a set of visits for a service (e.g., chiropractic services) that may not be covered by someone’s regular health plan."

Once the website is fully operational in an estimated three or four months, it will include more discount plan vendors, limited benefit plans and pre-paid healthcare programs, Naff said.

That is when marketing will begin in earnest. Naff’s goal is to have 67,000 customers within the first year, which is what Florida Health Choices predicts it needs to break even without additional state funding.

Former state Sen. Durell Peaden, chairman of the Florida Health Choices board, said that even if the offerings are far from comprehensive insurance, they can still fill a need for people who aren’t look for full coverage or who want plans to address what their regular insurance doesn’t.

"Efficiency is, I think, what we all need and [we are] making people more aware that there are insurances and there are sources that will make their lives a little more pleasant and the security of their home and health a little more viable," Peaden said.

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10 things to do in Toronto this weekend

It’s time to celebrate the Lunar New Year, and Black History Month kicks off this weekend. But there’s lots of other activities for everyone from fun-lovers to foodies in Toronto this weekend. Here’s a roundup.

Join the Toronto Public Library for a gala event and mingle with poets, musicians and performers while being serenaded by a Calypso band.

Learn about Toronto’s rich history of literature and newspapers in Black communities in Ontario. Visitors can take home a souvenir copy of ‘The Provincial Freeman’ in a recreated 1850s print shop.

The annual “culinary celebration” gets underway at more than 200 restaurants across the city, as they offer ‘Prix Fixe’ meals at lunch and dinner. Click here to find out where you can make a reservation.

Tea lovers are invited to gather at the Toronto Reference Library’s Appel Salon on Saturday and Sunday, for an event that promises “all things tea”. Tickets cost $15 for a single day pass, or $25 for all-weekend access.

Ring in the Year of the Horse with traditional animated chinese new year cards design performances and an appearance by the Toronto Zoo’s mascot panda at the Chinatown Centre and Dragon City Mall on Spadina Ave. Entry to the events that get underway at 1 p.m. Saturday, and 12 p.m. Sunday, is free.

The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir’s 4th annual Choral Conductors’ Symposium wraps up with a free afternoon concert Saturday at 3 p.m. Doors open at 2:15 p.m.

Toronto Cat Rescue will be at Wag on the Danforth Saturday, looking for people to adopt kittens and cats. Adoption fees range from $175 for a kitten younger than 6 months, and $100 or older cats. The fees, which are payable by cash only, include six weeks of pet insurance.

Enjoy the scenic streets of Toronto in the winter with a bike tour from Queen’s Park to Dufferin Grove Park. Top-off the day with a sweet cup of hot chocolate and a campfire near the skating rink. Skate rentals available at Dufferin Grove Park’s Zamboni Cafe. The tour begins at 12:15 p.m. and BIXI bike rentals will be available from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Come out and play with live reptiles and amphibians, participate in educational demonstrations and browse through more than 140 vendors at the Toronto Reptile Expo. The expo runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Give your loved ones a creative Valentine’s Day gift with this fun family card making workshop. Suitable for children age 6 and up. Refreshments will be provided, pre-registration is required. The event runs from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Here’s an interactive map of the events going on this weekend. Click on the points to see more details about each of the events.

View 10 things to do in Toronto this weekend: Jan. 31 to Feb. 2  in a larger map